Posted by: kshayes513 | November 19, 2008

Techie Learning Curve

Martin Eden, genius author of The O Men comics, and one of my favorite editors, did more than just mention WorldBuildingRules! on his blog. He put up a feed that updates the first lines of any new post here. Very cool. Another trick I’ll want to figure out for my blog links here, as soon as I finish the current Khasran story.

And one of my faithful fans has asked if I can put in RSS so she can get the blog every time it updates.

I can do that? D’oh! of course I can. As soon as I figure out that particular widget…

I see I’m still getting odd lines of code at the beginning and end of some posts, even after I think I’ve edited them out. Sorry! I suspect that’s a side effect of writing in Word and pasting to WordPress. I’ll find out after I post this, which I’m typing right into the Post window. If no wandering codes show up on this one, I’ll know its a Word or pasting issue.

Then I’ll just have to figure out how to fix it.


  1. hiya
    don’t worry – i always have to ask other people how to do stuff, such as add favourite sites/extracts. it’s not obvious, but it’s amazing how much stuff you can do!

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