Posted by: kshayes513 | January 15, 2009

Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy

I interrupt my series on my worldbuilding inspirations, to gloat over the latest addition to my reference library:

Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy, edited by Robin Anne Reid, published by Greenwood Press


This is a 2 volume encyclopedia, with the first volume containing essays exploring women in genre fiction in different periods and all media I can think of; while the second volume contains shorter encyclopedia articles on a multitude of themes (cloning, horror, friendship, fan fiction, etc etc) and a large number of creators and creative works in many media.

Beautifully bound in a library type binding (no dust jacket) with print that’s easy on my eyes, and feels very nice in the hands. It is, unfortunately, a bit high priced for the average private library, at $250. I am fortunate enough to own a copy because my name appears as a contributor to Volume Two. I wrote the article on Xena, (and pitched for a number of others, like Buffy, Ursula LeGuin, Star Trek, etc). It was fun, and challenging, to distill a 5 year tv series into 800 words. And I know from much email correspondence over the past couple of years, that the whole book was a labor of love for its editor, Robin Reid of Texas A&M University.

Nice work, Robin! I’m looking forward to spending some very happy browsing hours now that the book is finally here. And I hope that anyone else with an interest in women in fantasy & SF will be able to find a copy in their library’s reference section.

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