Posted by: kshayes513 | April 15, 2009

Swann’s 3 C’s of Worldbuilding

Over on Genrewonk, the blog of spec fic writer S. Andrew Swann, there’s a pithy excerpt from a lecture on worldbuilding that he gave at the Western Reserve Spring Writer’s Conference last month.

Here’s a tiny bit of what he says about his 3 C’s of Worldbuilding:

“When we talk about world-building we are talking about how that world is presented on the page, and what the reader takes away from the setting of the story. Its success is based on three things; the clarity of how the setting is presented, the conciseness with which it is done, and the underlying consistency of the world.”

Read the rest here at Genrewonk: Worldbuilding v. 2

The post also contains a link to his full article on worldbuilding. I think I’ll revisit that link later this week; as it fits in perfectly with a new series of posts I’ve been planning.

Swann is a new name for me (so many books, so little time…); a look at his many published novels shows that among others, he has a contemporary mystery series involving dragons, dwarfs and other fantasy critters in his hometown of Cleveland. Now that’s a man who can write what he knows without being chained by “realism”!

Thanks to new commenter A Cameron, whose blog And the Chain brought Swann to my attention, and also for making some ego inflating comments about WorldBuildingRules! in the same post where he mentions Swann.


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