Posted by: kshayes513 | May 20, 2009

Contest Results: Build a World in a Sentence

Last month I posted that I would be entering On the Premises Mini Contest #8:

Premise: Write a bland, generic sentence. Then revise it by adding key details that help establish the story’s setting and (if relevant) character. (We called this the “worldbuilding” exercise.)

The results are in, and one of my two entries won an honorable mention, taking fifth place in overall points. Here it is:

GENERIC: The dog stole the bone.

DETAILED: Right under the High Priest’s nose, the mage hound nipped the Sacred Shinbone of Silverfist off the altar, and bolted out into the Old City’s labyrinth of alleys.

To read the other entries, go to On The Premises, Mini Contest #8.  You’ll find some excellent examples of how to turn bland narrative into story-building stealth exposition.

In both of my entries, I was going for plot and/or character as well as description.  After writing this one, I’m still wondering what happens next! There may be a new story in this little off-the-cuff sentence, and I’ve begun to think that maybe it takes place in that “city of poets” I wrote about last time.


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