Posted by: kshayes513 | July 30, 2009

Shared Worlds Summer Worldbuilding Camp!

Do you know a teenager who’s interested in creating SF/F fiction, comics or games? Then check out Wofford College’s Shared Worlds summer seminar.

The home page describes the program this way:

“Shared Worlds is a two-week residential camp based on a “shared world” theme. A shared world is a growing trend in fiction that centers around a complete, fictional world designed by a group. During Wofford’s Shared World program, students will design fantasy worlds with other young, creative writers and share those worlds through fiction, art, and game design.

One way to help understand the program’s innovative concept is to think of a detailed encyclopedia entry on a country. Each Shared Worlds group will actually create all the material to fill such an entry for their world (history, economy, language, etc.) in a way that is internally consistent.”

This description alone is enough to make me wish I were a kid again, just so I could go! (And why didn’t they have programs like this when I was 15, anyway? grumble…)

This year’s program is already in session, but you can always bookmark it for next year, for your favorite worldbuilding teen–or yourself, if you are one!

Meanwhile, have fun browsing the site; including the student blogs. I’m hoping that after this year’s session ends on Saturday, 8/1, we’ll see some of the student work posted as well.

Next up, I’ll be posting my contribution to Shared World’s open blogging project: “Top Five Real Fantasy/SF cities”


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