Posted by: kshayes513 | January 29, 2010

3 Fiction Worlds I Would Like to Hang Out In

The title of this post comes from this week’s version of the blog Lost In Books weekly meme, “The Book List”. Since the blog is devoted to books, I’ll confine myself to fictional worlds on the page (which will make it a tiny bit easier to pick just 3!).

This questions seems particularly suited for worldbuilders. Are you building a world that others would like to hang out in? At least I can say I’m building a world that I want to hang out in:

1. Khasran

The outer wall of Khasran looks like this mesa

Of course! I’d like to gallop across the grasslands with the horse people and share their telepathic bond with their horses,  see the terraces, waterfalls and hanging gardens of Khasran, listen to songs and poetry in gardens by the river in the City of Poets, ride the waters of the southern sea with the boat people. I want to watch people playing kargat and feel the flow of powers through the game, and lie out under the sky on a summer night to watch the Rain of Stars.

2. Middle Earth

Lauterbrunnental in Switzerland inspired Tolkien's Rivendell

Lauterbrunnental in Switzerland inspired Tolkien to create Rivendell

I’d like to live in Rivendell, and make frequent visits to Hobbiton and the Prancing Pony, wander along the Withywindle with Tom Bombadil, study the ancient lore books in the archives of Minas Tirith, ride an elven boat down the Great River and see the Argonath and the great falls of Rauros, feast in the Golden Hall at Edoras, wander through the glades of Lorien in the spring, and listen to the music of the Elves.

3. Discworld.

What happens if one of the elephants sneezes?

But what happens if an elephant sneezes?

I have to admit, I’d probably feel more at home here than Khasran or Middle Earth, because the people of Discworld are more modern and grumpy than the noble folk of Khasran and Middle Earth. I’d like to live in the countryside near Ankh-Morporkh and travel a lot, especially if I could borrow the Luggage for my trip. I’d have Hogwatch dinner at the Unseen University, call on Granny Weatherwax and her friends, go troll-hunting adventuring with Cohen the Barbarian, walk the City Watch beat with Samuel Vimes, and have a chat with Death.

I finish with a shoutout to historical novelist Frances Hunter, whose blog post here brought this little game to my attention. Her novels about Lewis and Clark look like worlds worth hanging out in, too.



  1. And thank you right back for the great shoutout! Great images here on your post.

  2. I really like your choices! They all sound like cool places to visit. Thanks for participating this week!

  3. Thanks everyone. I like both of your blogs, and I’m glad to have learned about them. More good sources of reading! Yay!
    Speaking of images, it was the beautiful Missouri River painting at the top of Frances’s post that originally caught my attention, when your post was featured on the WP home page yesterday.

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