Posted by: kshayes513 | July 23, 2010

ComicCon Fans Vanquish Hate Group

Buddy Christ and friends think Fred Phelps has "issues." Photo: Comics Alliance

Buddy Christ, Bender, and a couple hundred more ComicCon superheroes have vanquished one of this country’s most notorious hate groups.

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church (a walking insult to the teachings of Christ) showed up outside San Diego Convention Center this week, apparently to protest “idolatry” at ComicCon. (well, yeah, we fans do adore our superheroes – but apart for certain members of the Jedi religion, we don’t actually worship them).

To see how ComicCon denizens responded to the hate group’s presence, check out this article on Comics with lots of pictures and a video interview with comics writer Gail Simone, and Buddy Christ himself; and this one on SyFy Blastr, with a tiny video of the hate group slinking away from the massed counter-protest.

I love fans! Especially SDCC fans!

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