Posted by: kshayes513 | October 3, 2010

Reading: Daily Science Fiction

“Original science fiction & fantasy emailed to you every weekday”

That’s the mission of shiny new ezine, Daily Science Fiction, which went live a month ago.  I haven’t reviewed a magazine before now, but this is something special, partly because it’s a new operating model that I hope will become very successful.

Five days a week, Daily Science Fiction emails me a new story. Each story is archived on the web site about a week later, and the editors plan to collect the best stories into print anthologies as well.

I love getting a new short story to read every day, without even having to open my browser! The stories have ranged all over the spec fiction landscape, and have come from excellent writers of every rank, from the likes of writer and editor Cat Rambo (Fantasy) to the newest people making their very first sale.

I can’t even begin to describe the variety of inventive, uplifting, disturbing, exciting and funny stories I’ve read in the past 4 weeks. Most are very short – perfect reading for a coffee break.  About once a week they publish a longer story, usually on Friday so we have time to enjoy it over the weekend.

They have an active Facebook page, where readers can comment on each story. This is fun for us readers, and helpful for the writers (who have not had to endure many painful critiques so far, as the stories have been generally excellent).

Want to join the fun? Go to Daily Science Fiction and fill in the Subscribe window. The email subscription is free. Don’t ask me how they do that, and still pay a solid professional rate to their contributors, but they do it, and long may they continue!


  1. Thanks for the news. I’m fine tuning an old unpublished short story. Hopefully they will appreciate it.

    That service is one of the roles of a forum like yours. I think supplying information is a valuable goal.


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