Posted by: kshayes513 | December 30, 2010

A Story Building Tool

If you love worldbuilding, but hate coming up with plots, fret no more!  Geek comic wizard David Malki of Wondermark has created the perfect tool for plot challenged spec fiction writers:

The Electroplasmic Hydrocephalic Genre-Fiction Generator 2000

Widely hailed (by the manufacturer) as “the best of its type,” this marvelous device allows the creator a dozen choices at each step along the path to creating a genre story. We can offer a preview here:

If only Lucas could have availed himself of the Genre-Fiction Generator 2000! (Image: David Malki,

For best results, check out the Genre-Fiction Generator 2000 yourself!

And for those who are time-challenged as well as plot-challenged, we point out Liam Cooke’s working model of the Generator 2000.

(Disclaimer: WBR is not responsible for any time suck effect resulting from use of these devices. No need for concern though: we are about to receive a whole new year’s worth of time.  Happy New Year to all! )



  1. HaHa, uh, no.

  2. I was a little baffled by this at first, but now I understand it (you pick one line from each block). Plot generators can be good fun at times.

    Actually, I remember one of my writing buddies getting a small book about Writers Block that was filled with random writing suggestions.

  3. Tee hee! Nate, I hope you’ll let us know if you actually get a good, usable story out of this toy!

  4. I will defintely let you kow 🙂

    I’m guessing that it would be most useful for things like farce or spoof, at least those are the kind of ideas that came to my mind. I wonder if Shrek was built via a plot generator…

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