Posted by: kshayes513 | January 18, 2011

Why we worldbuild, write and dream!

Visitor's Eye View of Hogwarts

If you ever have a day when you forget why you’re trying to create new worlds and stories, when you lose sight of the magic, I’ve just found the antidote.

It’s a little story by Sports Illustrated writer Joe Posnanski, posted this month on his blog. You’re right, I never read sports blogs, and so I didn’t find this on my own. It was posted to Facebook by my good friend, fellow fan and Severus Snape impersonator par excellence, James Hinsey. It’s not about sports this time, as Joe is also the father of two young girls. He has been reading Harry Potter to his 9-year-old, Elizabeth, and late last year, he took the family to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  But I’ll let him tell it:

Katie The Prefect

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about our plans to take our daughters — particularly our nine-year-old Elizabeth — to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Orlando. I worried, I suppose, that nothing surprising and magical would happen. Well, as it turned out, something surprising and magical did happen.

Read the rest here: Joe Blogs: Katie the Prefect

I promise, it will give you back the magic!



  1. You were absolutely right about this story. It was incredible. This is what great art is about; the way it can brighten people’s lives and show the grind for the illusion it is.

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