Posted by: kshayes513 | March 4, 2011

Space Shuttle Discovery From the Air

A space geek’s dream, and my new favorite video:

Passengers on a nearby air liner saw Discovery’s final launch from cruising altitude. One passenger captured the entire launch through the plane’s window, and posted it for all of us.

Worldbuilding prompt: Most people think of watching a shuttle launch from the ground, not from 30,000 feet! What might be an unusual perspective to view or experience an important happening in your world?

Update: right after I posted this, my friend Barb Powell put up on Facebook a link to an entirely different perspective of the same launch: a camera mounted on one of the solid rocket boosters. You can see that on Gizmodo, here. One of the comments on that page mentions a longer video that includes the booster’s splashdown; if I find a link to that, I’ll share it.



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