Posted by: kshayes513 | October 23, 2011

Paramourtal 2 Submissions – Last Chance

As a Project Editor at Cliffhanger Books, I want to remind all interested writers: Paramourtal 2 submissions close  on Halloween at midnight. Bwahahahaha!

We’re looking for male-female romance featuring at least one paranormal character, length between 6500 and 8000 words. These are firm limits, so please don’t email and ask if we’ll take 4000 or 10,000. (never do that anyway, to any editor. We don’t make up guidelines just to amuse ourselves, you know. ) You can find full guidelines and submission information on our Submissions page.

If you’ve read the guidelines and are still not sure what we’re looking for, take a look at Paramourtal (available in several ebook formats, for instant access) or if you’re short on time, at least check out some of the reviews for it to get a summary of some of the stories.

And a personal plea from this editor: don’t send us a vampire romance unless you’re absolutely certain we’ve never seen anything like your approach to the vampire romance. Because if you read this blog, you already know I was sick of vampire stories a decade ago!

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