Posted by: kshayes513 | April 7, 2012

Stories for Paramourtal 2 Have Been Chosen

I’ve been away too long! My apologies for the long silence. I’m having a very busy winter and spring between my day job at Conjure Creative, writing business and marketing copy for all kinds of companies and entrepreneurs; and editing 3 books.

Chief among these, I’m delighted to announce that at Cliffhanger Books (where I’m Project Editor) we have announced our selection of  stories for Paramourtal 2 and are now in full story edit mode. We got many excellent submissions, and the final group shows a wide range of ideas, settings and paramourtal creatures – plenty to enjoy for anyone who likes a good fantasy yarn, not just the romance fans. Our writers have fabulous imaginations!

Paramourtal 2 will be out later this year.

In other work, I just finished developmental and copy edits on two other books that I can’t wait to have in my own library:

A quirky and hilarious offbeat mystery by DC comics writer Ricardo Sanchez (who also contributed a story to Gods of Justice). It’s the kind of story that you wish wouldn’t end, because you want to spend much more time with the characters. Expect to read more about it here when it’s closer to publication.

Lavender Blue and the Fairies of Galtee Wood, Steve Richardson’s fairy tale about friendship: it’s adventurous, moving, and beautifully illustrated by Larry MacDougall, whom I’d like to have do one of my own Irish inspired fairy tales someday. Coming from Impossible Dreams Publishing later this year.

I’ve got a lot of goodies coming in future posts, including  some space colony worldbuilding topics,  book and movie reviews, and more. I have a plan to insure that my 2 month silence will not repeat itself any time soon. And I have Daleks. I’ve accumulated more  fabulous fan-made Daleks to share, starting with a Dalek Easter Egg going on Dalektrifying this weekend!

Thanks for sticking with me!

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