Posted by: kshayes513 | August 14, 2012

The View from Mars

What’s it like to stand on the surface of Mars and look around? The nearest most of us will get to experiencing this is to spend time with the new panoramic images coming from Curiosity and its fellow robots.

The web site 360 has put together a remarkable interactive panorama from Curiosity, which you can zoom in or out almost to infinity. Don’t forget to watch the sky, too; the sun appears almost due north above the crater rim. Here’s a little peek:

Screen capture from Andrew Bodrov’s panoramic composite. Image: NASA/JPL via

Spirit and Opportunity have sent back equally stunning images during their missions. Here’s a NASA page linking to panoramas from both.

My current favorite is  Opportunity’s Greeley Haven panorama from this past winter. Someone has made an interactive panorama of this as well.

Have fun visiting Mars!

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