Posted by: kshayes513 | January 15, 2013

A Worldbuilder’s Potpourri

I’ve been remiss in posting regularly this winter (a new short story, marketing work projects, and a Star Trek article are my excuses); and though I hoped to make Sunday a regular “blog posting day,” this weekend I will be at Arisia 2013, schmoozing with many professional and fannish friends, and harvesting lots of goodies and fresh ideas from the many delightful and fascinating panels on the schedule.  I plan to post writeups of panels and perhaps other events in upcoming weeks.

Until then, I’ve gathered a small bouquet of creative and geektastic links for you to enjoy.

First, a couple of spec fiction writers talk about about worldbuilding:

At Home in Fantasy’s Nerd-Built Worlds is Saladin Ahmed’s (Throne of the Crescent Moon) analysis of why readers (and writers) love worldbuilding.

Across the Universe author Beth Revis offers Three Tips for Creating a Brand New Alien Planet from Scratch,  for the third book in her trilogy, which is just out.

If you’re fascinated by languages, or just looking for inspiration on alien and alternative ways of thinking, have a look at Pei-Ying Lin’s Chart of Untranslatable Words for emotions that have no specific English name. (German schadenfreude, “rejoicing in the misfortune of another” is one well-known example; another is French “ennui” which is not at all the same as simple boredom).

And finally, in case you’re the one science fiction fan on the internet who hasn’t yet seen this, here is the supremely geektastic response of the White House to a “We the People” petition to build a Death Star. (Seriously. Not only did someone actually create this petition on an official White House web page, but 35.5 thousand people signed it within 30 days! Some fans don’t have anything better to do…)

Credit where credit is due: I found all of these articles originally on io9, which is and has long been my favorite news site for all things speculative and otherwise fantastic (in every sense of the word).

Happy reading, and I’ll see you after Arisia.

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