Posted by: kshayes513 | April 28, 2013

Paramourtal, Volume Two is Now Available

paramourtal-2_cvr-thmI’m happy to announce the publication of Paramourtal, Volume 2, the second anthology of paranormal romance from Cliffhanger Books.

It’s a great read, not only for people who like romances, but for anyone with a taste for adventure fantasy.The 10 stories included cover the gamut, from dark fantasy on the edge of horror, to straight out goofy humor.

You can read more about it on the Cliffhanger website, and order it in paperback at your local bookstore, at Barnes & Noble, or on Amazon.  We expect to have ebook editions available soon.

I had a short story, “The Fisherman’s Wife,” in the first Paramourtal. For this second volume, I was co-editor with Cliffhanger Publisher Kevin Hosey, but I contributed no story. In retrospect, I’m very happy that I didn’t, because the 10 stories we published are all very entertaining, and I’d hate to have turned away any one of them.

If you think romance is a genre for women writers only, think again: nearly half of our stories were written by men, all proudly using their real names (men who write Romance often have to use a female pseudonym just to be taken seriously in the genre).

And from the perspective of worldbuilding, the stories in Paramourtal 2 give some great lessons in how to create a textured and believable imaginary world or culture in just a few scenes. Some of the worldbuilding these authors have pulled off in 20 pages or less:

A modern warrior caste who still carry on the ancient war between the gods of Ireland and the demon race called the Fomor;

A contemporary city where the “nature” shows are about local species of fairies, and the typical exterminator treats infestations of ghosts, goblins and brownies, rather than roaches and mice;

A village at the edge of a witch-infested, Grimm’s Fairy Tales forest;

Interdimensional rules of engagement between a traditional genie, his band of imp sidekicks, and his current master, a woman with very modern problems.

Plus Dark Fae, rain spirits, psychics, Navajo demons, warring angels and devils, and bedtime bogeymen. It’s all here. Enjoy the read!

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