tiny plastic Dalek keyring

The Dalek on my desk.

This page is dedicated to fan-made versions  of my favorite Doctor Who villains, the Daleks. Dalek plushies, Dalek pumpkins, Dalek cookies and cakes, snow Daleks: fans seem to have more fun making Daleks than anything else in the Who universe, except perhaps the TARDIS.

And why not?  Daleks are by far the coolest looking Whovian monsters, with all those little bumps and those stubby little arms and those squeaky little voices.  So this is a page of mostly Daleks, though I’ll be mixing in a few other fantastic Who fannish creations that I can’t resist.

Here’s to the Doctor and all his fans! Wibbley-wobbley, timey-wimey!

De-co-rate! De-co-rate!

christmas tree decorated to look like a Dalek

Dalek Christmas Tree. Image: Copyright Lindsey J. Teslin under Creative Commons. Thanks for sharing it with us, Lindsey!

This brilliant (in every sense) Dalek Christmas tree comes from Lindsey J. Testolin, aka Flickr user xNEUROSPASTA, by way of Doctor Who and the Tardis by Craig Hurle. (Find it here on Flickr )

The bumps are made of Christmas balls! I bet all the other Daleks are jealous!

Stargate Conquers the Daleks

Two giddily geekgastic Dalek images, from two favorite Stargate actors.

Christopher Judge and Dalek

Oh, myyy! Indeed.

Christopher Judge posted this image on his Facebook wall, from Comicpalooza 2012. His Sulu t shirt makes this picture a triple crossover! Note also that this Dalek must be perfectly enormous, as Chris is 6’3″.

Rodney vs the Dalek: “Exterminate!!” “Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am”

And this one is from David Hewlett  (though I can no longer find where he posted it, sorry!). I swiped the caption’s “quote” for Rodney from a LOLcat picture on David’s Facebook page. If the LOL fits…

Dalek Sewing Caddy

Oh, the things you can make from a Dalek. Like this nifty little sewing caddy, with handmade Whovian pins!

Handmade Dalek shaped sewing caddy

Exterminate the Tardis on my head!

This plushy Dalek was made for a Craftster craft swap. The Craftster Swap Gallery has more pictures, plus scroll down for a comment from the maker on how it was done. Thanks to the Facebook page of Doctor Who and the Tardis by Craig Hurle, for bringing it to my attention.

Dalek Easter Egg

Dalek easter egg by PugnoM

Easter Egg Dalek climbs stairs with anti-gravity spring!

This finely detailed Dalek is the work of Nancy Sims, aka flickr user PugnoM. Check out her Dalek egg photostream for a step by step view of this labor intensive creation process!

Found on Neatorama.com’s list of 14 Wonderfully Geeky Easter Eggs, where you can find another of PugnoM’s eggs and many other egg-shaped delights.

For last year’s Tardis Easter Egg, just scroll down a bit.

The Queen of All Daleks

A UK news story about the Queen led off with this terrifying image and headline:

Dalek lurks in ambush for the Queen at BBC HG

The Queen escapes extermination after run-in with a Dalek at BBC Salford. Picture: Getty

The article on Metro’s website is actually about the Queen’s Jubilee visit to Manchester, during which she toured BBC’s headquarters there. My hat’s off to the photographer who spotted this shot, and the editors who decided to lead with it. US fans can only envy such geek-friendly coverage. And:

Best. Photobomb. Ever!

Daleks at Arisia 2012

Walking through the massive lobby of the Westin Boston Waterfront yesterday, I spotted this remarkable scene:

A very young 11th Doctor takes down a Dalek at Arisia 2012

Even as a youth, the Doctor was more than a match for any Dalek!

I have no idea of the identity of this young 11th Doctor, who seized the moment to pose with the Dalek. The pair will surely turn up in a lot of Flickr streams, to judge by the number of people snapping pix!

Since the Dalek is incomplete, I believe it was Phill Hallam-Baker’s Masquerade entry, “Salvador Dalek” and was just being brought into the hotel for the rehearsals when I saw it. On stage,  “Salvador Dalek” looked and moved and lit up like a real Dalek and won a couple of awards. Can you believe this costume was made by a Novice?

Dalek Oreos!

You can make a Dalek out of anything, as demonstrated by these wonderful Dalek cookies:

Dalek oreo cake bits!

Exterminom nom nom!!

These nibblicious beauties were made by “Navaboo” who has the image, the story, and full instructions on her Flicker page. Thanks to GeeksAreSexy for bringing them to my attention.

Winter and WHOliday Wonders!

ThinkGeek pointed me (and a zillion others) to this fabulous Snow Dalek, found here on the official Doctor Who Tumblr page.

Life size dalek made of snow


Note the turkey baster eyestalk, and the wire whisk, a common stand-in for the blaster arm on homemade daleks. According to various sources, this Dalek’s cry might be “Refrigerate!” or possibly “Precipitate!”

And to warm you up after exposure to this frosty Dalek, here’s an exquisite iced gingerbread TARDIS made by Sari Salomaa, who is clearly a kitchen wizard!

blue iced gingerbread tardis baked by Sari Salomaa

“Dyed royal icing and a lot of patience” – TARDIS baker Sari Salomaa

Look at the piped icing detail in the windows, and the notice lettering, and the little tiny wreath! Brilliant! See the original post here for Sari’s brief description and links on the making of this beauty.

Great Pumpkin Daleks! Just in time for Halloween.

This beauty is from the Facebook fan page, Doctor Who and the Tardis by Craig Hurle. Alas, no information on the jackolantern wizard who created this.

Even better, though is this Robotic Dalek Pumpkin:

Photo: EvilMadScientist.com

Made by the evil geniuses of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, this menacing Dalek with its carrot proboscis is radio controlled and fully mobile. (But still can’t climb stairs; apparently EMSL doesn’t yet have antigrav technology!). Step by step construction photos, full instructions and more links can be found on the EMSL project page. And you can see a short Youtube video of the Dalek Pumpkin in action here.

Return of the Tiki Dalek!

The Tiki Dalek of Wondercon made a return appearance at Renovation this year, where he apparently used the alias “Hula Dalek.”  My friends Bob Eggleton and Marianne Plumridge snapped this excellent picture of him, revealing even more detail.

We can now see clearly that his helmet is a plastic salad bowl, and his left arm is a Tiki torch. According to Kyon Piche, this Dalek says, “Intoxicate!”


Those Daleks better stay inside their shells when Doctor Mew shows up!

Here’s the ultimate kitty house, built as a scaled down TARDIS, complete with wall to wall carpeting and a kitty hammock inside. Posted on The Happiness Patrol, where you can find a full description and more pictures. Thanks to ThinkGeek.com for bringing this to my attention.

LOL Daleks

A pair of Daleks from I Can Haz Cheezburger.com

Obviously a licensed Dalek toy – why aren’t those as commonplace in the US as in the UK? (pouts)

And from Cheezburger’s “Totally Looks Like” pages:

Somehow, exterminating unsafe sex doesn’t sound like a Dalek agenda!

TARDIS Easter Egg

As it’s Easter weekend, I cannot resist this TARDIS Easter Egg, from Failblog. It’s an EPIC WIN, naturally. And, we suspect, much larger on the inside! Here’s the original post page. Alas, no information on the nimble handed artist who created it. If anyone knows, please tell me so I can give proper credit.

The Tiki Dalek of Wondercon 2011

Thanks to comics writer Rick Sanchez for calling my attention to this Whovian member of the “Barbots of Wondercon” I almost died laughing at the coconut shells! Rick posted pictures of all the drink mixing robots in this blog entry

Steampunk Dalek

I want this one for my desk!! Look at those wheels! Look at the pistons, and the valves and all that shiny brass! This beauty was made by Alex Holden out of a plastic shampoo bottle and lots of spare parts. Here is his description of the project on BoingBoing. Why don’t they sell Dalek shampoo over here?


If you’re skilled enough to knit socks, why not knit a pair of these spiffy TARDIS socks, courtesy of Tara Wheeler’s Witty Little Knitter, a site dedicated to serious knitting of the Fourth Doctor’s famous scarf.  Full details and pattern for the socks are here. Be sure to browse the site for other knitted and fannish wonderfulness, including her life-size touring Tardis, and snaps of a number of famous Whovians decked in her scarves.

Dalek Cake

This beauty comes courtesy of Cake Wrecks, one of my favorite blogs. Blog owner Jen Yates is a lifelong Who fan, and has posted a whole page of Whovian cakes. There’s even a second Dalek cake on the page, or actually a Dalek cupcake, threatening a TARDIS cake.


Here’s where this page began: these Extermiknit Daleks were the first fan-made Daleks I ever saw. They made me scream with delight, and completely fall in love with all things Dalek. They come from the creative hands of “Penwiper Unlimited” and you can find full details and patterns here. She also has other Whovian and fannish knitting patterns elsewhere on her site, as well as some impressive costuming.


  1. I love Doctor Who, and the Daleks are my favourite villains. 😀

    All this looks awesome!

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